At Djooky, we share a vision of a world where all people with the talent, creativity and passion to make a difference in the world of music will enjoy equal opportunities to get access to the best support available to create and promote their music.

A vision of a world where talent knows no borders, and every music lover is invited to directly take part in creating the next big hit.



Our mission is to democratise the music industry by enabling creative talent from all corners of the world to harness the networked power of the people in spotting, creating and promoting great music. 

Committed to truly democratic principles, we are working to create technology that allows us to hand the decision-making power from a few to all music lovers who want to join us on our journey in creating a new world of music.


Borderless world

We are committed to create a world where true talent sees no boundaries in achieving success.

Power to the people

We believe that the decision-making powers in giving way to talent must belong to the people of the world.

Inclusive world

We believe that citizenship, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and gender should have zero impact on the availability of opportunities for musical talent. No matter who you are or what your background is, if you have a talent for music you are welcome in our world.