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Singer & Co-Founder of Mad Millennials


Born in Berkshire, raised in Maidenhead, and now based in London, CHAR’s musical style can best be described as warm quintessential R&B, with contemporary melodic pop influences, while her lyrics and songwriting slant towards a self-reflective tone, as she tries to find the perfect balance between strength and vulnerability, informed by her own personal struggles with her mental health. Outside of the music, CHAR also makes her voice heard, as the co-founder of a non-profit mental health and well-being organisation for young people called Mad Millennials. Mad Millennials works to support millennials, something she feels passionately about. For the music video for ‘Same Again’, CHAR has collaborated with a women-led creative and visual team, which she put together on Daisie, the creative collaboration platform co-founded by Maisie Williams (Game Of Throne), for which CHAR was an early adopter, having been chosen as one of the Daisie100 to launch the platform in 2018. The ‘Same Again’ visuals were directed by London-based French art director and creative designer Jade Nodinot .



Hip Hop/R&B/Soul
Same Again Nominated
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  • Hip Hop/R&B/Soul
    Got Me Feeling
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