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Steven Afrikaner

Singer / Songwriter / Music Producer


Creator of the music genre: NAM-Rhythm which stands for Native African Music Rhythm. Steven Afrikaner, is the best kept secret when it comes to authentic music from Southern Africa. Referred to, by some as “The Keeper Of The Culture”, this artist uses his talents (voice and art) to empower people by advocating for the improvement of our society through the promotion of positive societal values, while also encouraging the preservation of the Southern African Music, Culture and Heritages; especially that of the Nama / KhoiSan Community, showcasing and promoting excellence in African Artistry whenever given a platform to perform. Originally, a South African native from Steinkopf in North-West Province, now residing and studying in Namibia over a couple of years, the artist holds a BA (Honors) degree qualification in Ethno-Musicology and is currently studying towards an MA in Music at the University of Namibia in Windhoek. Afrikaner possess a deep-rooted appreciation, love and respect for the native African Languages, Traditions and Customs, and this he communicates to the modern world of the day, through his story-telling songs. The performance repertoire of the artist is made out of original compositions with a fusion of traditional music (ethnic rhythms) and modern beats (modern instruments), together with melodic lyrics sung in harmonious voices. The sound can be likened to Tribal House Music (Afro-House Music) and or Electronic Dance Music (EDM). This artist (and band) aim to leave their audience with a memorable experience wherever they perform. His performance tag line is... THE RHYTHMS OF AFRICA!